Nordic database of researchers in folkbildning

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The researchers in the database have been assigned research tags to help categorize and sort the various approaches and areas within their research. 

Here you will find the tags listed with related keywords, some of which are in the different nordic languages: 

Culture and bildung
Keywords are: Crafts, art, literature, radio, cultural encounters, democratic skills, formation, dannelse (DK).

Democracy and society
Keywords are: Civil society, populisme, citizenship/medborgerskap, equal opportunities, barriers to learning, samhällvetenskap (SE), sosial utvikling (NO), participation.

Digitalisation and information technology
Keywords are: ICT and flexible learning.

Documentation and evaluation
Keywords are: Benefits of folkbildning and participation, quality.

Education and competences
Keywords are: Education system and policies, lifelong learning, social capital, language education, higher education, vocational education, competence/skill development, guidance, counselling, validation, prior learning, democratic education, basic skills, Efterskoler (DK), Daghøjskoler (DK), Produktionsskoler (DK), Ungdomsskoler (DK).

Folk high schools
Keywords are: Folkhögskolor (SE), folkehøjskoler (DK).

Financial focus and economy
Keywords are: State grants (SE).

Keywords are: Health promotion, disabilities.

Keywords are: History of folk high schools and study circles, development of adult education, development of folkbildning organizations (SE), history of literacy (SE), opplysningstid (NO)

Keywords are: Inclusion activities, empowerment, communities, prison education, gender

Keywords are: Philosophical and theoretical perspectives, existentialism, identity, ethics and religion, humanism.

Labour market
Keywords are: Vocational education, work related learning, work life.

Methods and development
Keywords are: Learning communities, quality in validation of prior learning, learning at distance, competence development.

Migration and integration
Keywords are: Newly arrived refugees and immigrants, social inclusion, basic skills, national language as a second language.

Minorities and interculturalism
Keywords are: Activities in specific urban areas, diversity, empowerment, voicing marginalized groups, space for minority cultures for youth.

Older adults
Keywords are: Gerontology, old life skills, livsløpsperspektiv (NO).

Organisational focus
Keywords are: Libraries, co-creation, partnerships, civil society, foreninger (DK), foreningsliv (DK).

Pedagogy and didactics
Keywords are: Learning strategies, learning processes, learning tech, flexible learning, teaching, non-formal learning, informal learning.

Study associations
Keywords are: Studieförbund (SE), aftenskoler (DK), Studieforbund (No).

Study circles and courses
Keywords are: Studiecirkler (SE).

Sustainable development
Keywords are: Agriculture, environmental collaboration, sustainable solutions, democracy and sustainable development.

Thinkers and influencers
Keywords are: Historical development, Grundtvig, Oscar Olsen.

Voluntary work
Keywords are: Value of voluntary work, voluntary organizations, civil society, social cohesion.